You are Royalty and this is YOUR Process… Embrace it, Trust it, Love it…

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl. I truly believe our process is our process and it’s perfectly designed for our life journey. I'm Marchelle Smith, but the world may know me as Marchelle from TheProcesslife on social media with my lovely hubby Vito.

As a graduate of  University of North Florida, I have a BA in Psychology and a minor in Sociology but I actually just discovered my passion in 2017 but didn’t fully act on it until 2021 and officially became a REALTOR® in 2022.

I got into real estate in 2015 when I became a landlord for a rental property and then in 2017 I decided to get into the investing side of real estate but unfortunately that was short lived because I realized that wasn’t my calling, but since then, real estate came back full circle but this time this side of real estate fits my personality best.   


 I’ve been focused on building my brand as a REALTOR®, social media lifestyle Influencer and Youtube content creator. 

These days, I am focused on learning all I can to be the best licensed agent, in order to help as many people as I can who’s starting their buying and/or selling process. I am always excited when I can be a part of anyone’s process for the best. 

So, let’s start this process together.